Benefits to your transplant center

aviod last minute surprises

Avoid last-minute surprises

Transplant centers typically contact candidates once per year with a health questionnaire. But a lot can change in a year, and this can affect a patient’s eligibility for transplant and/or the likelihood of a successful outcome.

When a transplant candidate is selected and a matching donor found, the medical professionals at your center should be confident that the information they have is accurate and up-to-date. You want to be informed of:

  • Any changes in medical condition
  • Recent hospitalizations
  • Dialysis schedules
  • Changes in insurance
  • Medications
  • Co-morbidities
  • Recent medical exams or lab testing

With the constant contact afforded by the Waitlist Management team, the patient’s nurse coordinator is automatically notified of any changes that are relevant to the transplant process.

Education and engagement

Education and engagement

The more informed and engaged the patient is prior to transplant, the better prepared they will be and the greater their chances for a successful outcome.

The highly trained professionals at Waitlist Management are capable of discussing a number of important topics with patients. These topics, selected by you, can be anything you’d like us to review with the patient that particular month. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Living donation
  • Blood transfusions
  • SRTR Data
  • Average wait time
  • Status 7 reminders
  • Paired exchange donations
  • The importance of a healthy lifestyle
Superior customer service

Superior customer service

The Waitlist Management staff engages patients in other ways to provide a superior healthcare experience. This includes a number of thoughtful “touches” that will reflect well on your transplant center, such as offering encouragement when it’s needed, remembering birthdays and anniversaries, coordinating with the patient’s health team (including nurse coordinator, financial coordinator, social worker, referring physician and dialysis unit contact) and more.

Financial benefits

Financial benefits

Regular contact and targeted, timely messages to your wait list patients can improve outcomes and help keep you compliant with updated patient notification requirements.

The timely information we provide saves you time and the lost income associated with scheduled procedures that do not materialize due to out-of-date patient information. You gain a competitive advantage over other transplant centers because we’ll help you improve patient satisfaction and build more loyal referral sources. And our services are eligible for reimbursement on the Medicare cost report.

Talk to us. We’d be happy to provide a cost/benefit analysis to help you determine if Waitlist Management can be a valuable addition to your transplant center.